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I had an interesting conversation with a customer on Facebook yesterday. She has just started her own blog and we briefly chatted about how challenging starting a blog was. Although she had worked at an advertising company, she said that she found it easier to express herself through her artwork than it was through the written word.

I can totally sympathise with her. I have spent so long expressing myself through my artwork that it has almost become a habit for me to hide behind it. It’s a funny thing that I spent my earlier years trying to be like other artists, copying their styles and techniques. But it wasn’t until I finally came out of my shell and discovered that I had my own artistic voice that people started to respond to my work.

So, being true to myself and having confidence in my own artistic voice has been the best lesson I have learnt.

I believe that the same may be the case when it comes to blogging. Although I follow lots of wonderful blogs, I steer away from being another ‘them’. I truly believe that people will respond better if I just ‘be me’! So it is my aim to write about things that I am truly passionate about and reflect my personality. I find it so much easier to write when you want to share something you are so excited about that you are ready to burst! That’s when my fingers start clicking away on the keyboard at a hundred miles an hour!

As mentioned on my Facebook page, I have read a fair few blogging books but I wanted to recommend a book called ‘Blogging for Creatives’ by Robin Houghton. Robin covers a wide range of subjects like:

  • Blogging Tools and Technology
  • Creating eye catching blogs
  • Creating great content
  • Promoting your blog

I have read this book from cover to cover but keep it handy as it is a great book to refer back to when you need help or are stuck on something.



Anyway, enough of my rambling! I finished a new clip art set today called Sock Monkeys. Why Sock Monkeys? Well, I have seen an abundance of sock monkeys at all the homeware stores I have been visiting lately. They have been around for a while but are obviously back in vogue. I have been trying to find one for my son’s room but am still searching for that perfect sock monkey!

My Sock Monkeys clip art set comes with 8 separate Sock Monkeys in different colour schemes, each saved as a high resolution png file with a transparent background. Click here to view my Sock Monkey clip art set.

Until next time. X







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  1. Great post! So, so true!! I can figure most things out with pictures…but saying it in writing…well, not so much. :-) I often try to imagine that I am having a literal conversation with someone and that helps me a little when I have to physically write my thoughts/feelings/conversations.

    So, my question is…from one artist to another…do you “see” the finished product in your mind and then just “fill-in-the-blanks” (so to speak)? That is often what happens to me, I see it in my mind, then just keep working at it until I see it on the screen. (I hope someone else out there is the same way! My friends and family that are not “creative-types” just look at me like I grew a second head!) ha ha ha…

    • Hello Heidi,
      I tend to have an idea in my head of what I want to create but I generally just let the artwork take it’s own form. Sometimes it ends up being something completely different from what I originally planned. I spend most of my time swapping and changing things over until it looks just right.
      I know what you mean by the second head thing, haha. But as I get older – and wiser 😉 – I tend to surround myself with other creative people. I have a few amazing friends who constantly inspire me and we spend hours chatting, bouncing ideas off each other. I find myself most inspired after spending a few hours with my ‘creative’ friends.

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