Bolt Fabric Pattern Assignment – Make Art that Sells – Part 2

After completing my mini assignment, our full assignment was revealed on Sunday. There was 1 major issue with our full assignment – I had to use my fruit and pyrex artwork to create a pattern but we were limited to a palette of only 8 colours. I found this rather challenging as I LOVE using lots of colour in my artwork.

So I had to go back and redraw all the little icons I was going to use in my pattern. But it worked out well in the end. After playing around with the placement of the fruit on my pattern, I realised that it was a little boring and rather busy and cluttered. I wanted my pattern to tell a story and the eye to be drawn to different pieces within the pattern. That’s when I came up with the idea of drawing some cute little Carmen Miranda’s and using these as larger icons in my pattern.

After drawing my different versions of Carmen Miranda and adding her to the pattern, I kept on thinking to myself, what would Lilla (or another agent) say if they saw this? What would they like and what would they change? I could go on forever changing things and second guessing my choices but in the end I think that part of the process is trusting your own judgement and knowing when to step away and say, ok, I’m done!

So here it is, my finished piece that I submitted. It would be lovely if my piece was picked by Lilla Rodgers to be critiqued as I would love the feedback but there are over 150 artists in my class and only a few pieces get picked each week. But please, feel free to let me know what you think.

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