Chalkboard Herb Pots


When I think I finally have my house the way I want it, I decide that it needs more ‘green’. So it’s been my mission the last few months to introduce lots of indoor plants in every room in the house. I must be honest and say that this hasn’t been all that easy. I have been through quite a few plants that haven’t lasted the distance and I’m still learning which plants are suited to which spots in my house.

I wanted to grow some herbs in my kitchen and decided to do some Chalkboard Herb Pots. These are super easy to make and look FANTASTIC!

I bought some terracotta pots, chalkboard paint, turps, paint brush and white chalk from the local hardware store. I had some spare white interior house paint in the garage so I used this to coat the terracotta pots first. Then I painted a thick layer of chalkboard paint over the top and let it dry for the night. The next day, I sanded any visible drips and applied another coat of Chalkboard paint. And voila!!

Just keep in mind that herbs need at least four hours of direct sunlight a day so place them in a nice sunny spot near the window. Also, make sure you give them a drink of good quality liquid fertiliser every couple of weeks.

Clip Art set used for this blog header – Pot Plants and Succulents Clip Art Set






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