DIY Arrows Artwork


DIY Arrows Artwork – easy to make and looks brilliant!

I have a blank space on the wall in my daughter’s room that I have been wanted to fill with something cute for ages. I thought that a colorful Arrow artwork would be nice (since arrows are quite the rage right now). But instead of just buying a print, I decided to create my own little arrows and place them into a frame for hanging.

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The arrows were really easy to make. You just need a few simple supplies.

  • Lots of colourful Washi Tape
  • Wooden Skewers
  • A good quality Craft Glue
  • A sharp pair of  Scissors
  • Blank Paper
  • Baker’s Twine
  • Glitter
  • Double Sided Sticky Craft Tape

You can download the arrow and feather shapes as a ready to print A4 PDF here – DIY Arrow Artwork Template

First, decorate your skewer with Washi Tape, Bakers Twine or even double sided tape sprinkled with Glitter! I used glue to attach the ends of the Bakers Twine to the skewer. This work a treat and wiping glue over the top sealed the loose ends down and kept them in place.

Next you need to cut out your arrow and feather shapes and either glue and sprinkle glitter on them or use strips of Washi Tape to cover them. Try running your Washi Tape in layers and in different directions.

Once decorated, glue your arrow and feather to each end of the skewer. Wait for all your arrows to dry and then place them into a frame. I didn’t even take the glass out of my frame! I just used blu-tack on the underside of the skewers to stick them down to the glass face.



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