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diy pinwheels
Today I was lucky enough to get my hands on some of Lamai’s beautiful digital papers. Spoilt with choice, I decided to explore DIY pinwheels and loved the results. These DIY Pinwheels are super easy to make and it’s fun to explore the different ways of arranging a Pinwheel Mobile.

These DIY Pinwheels are a great idea to brighten up your child’s room. I will definitely be making one for my son. Or if your like me and have a heap of friends and family members having babies, these DIY Pinwheels would be a perfect baby shower or newborn gift.

I have used a variety of sizes for the pinwheels – 3″/3″, 4″/4″, 6″/6″




Double sided card stock paper

I have used paper from two different sets:
Moustache and Spectacles digital paper set found here
Carolyn digital paper set found here

Metal Ruler
Stanley Knife
Cutting Mat
Craft Glue
Stick or Wood Hoop

Step 1
Cut your paper to your desired size using a metal ruler as a guide and a stanley knife.

Step 2
Using a pencil and ruler, mark the centre point. From there, mark out a four point square approximately 1cm from the centre point.

Step 3
Using a stanley knife and ruler, cut from each corner to the nearest point.

Step 4
Squeeze a small amount of craft glue in the centre point. Gently fold down a corner to the centre and hold down until set.

Step 5
Once the glue is dry, push through your brad and secure at the back.
*A tip for this one is to poke a pin through first and the brad will pass through easier without damaging the wheel.

Step 6
Depending on what you would like to hang your pinwheels on, attached some twine for hanging.
*A stick will only need two points but a hoop will need four points for balance.

Step 7
Cut several pieces of twine to different lengths. These will be used to hang your pinwheels on.

Step 8
Tie the twine around the back of the brad on the pinwheel. Add a spot of craft glue to secure in place.

Step 9
Attach each one to your base.

*As the pinwheels do no weigh much, you can add a heavy bead to the bottom of  each line to keep them straight.



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