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free-rabbit-clipart-header-blog-01I’ve been doing lots of doodling lately in preparation for the e-course I will be starting soon with Lilla Rogers (so excited)! I have been sharing my ‘doodles’ on Facebook and had lots of lovely feedback. I think people find it interesting when they can see the process of my illustrations from sketch to final digital design.

A few days back I created a sketch of a Rabbit and Bird and shared it on my Facebook page. I played around with it for a whole day in Illustrator and came up with three different digital designs. I couldn’t decide which one I liked best so I left it up to a vote.

I have tallied up the results today and here they are:

1) 29 votes
2) 4 votes
3) 24 votes

Thank you to all who voted. It’s wonderful to get some insight on my work and find out what people like.

As promised, I am offering the winning design as a free download. But I was a little conflicted since Rabbit 1 and 3 were so close on the tally. So I have decided to offer both of them to you for free, Yippee!

Each Rabbit is saved as a high resolution png file with a transparent background.

You can download your Free Rabbit Clipart here

Please note that my Free Rabbit clipart is for personal use only. If you would like a commercial use license, please contact me to arrange.






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