Frida Kahlo Artistic Interpretations

It’s amazing how an artist can take a common theme and turn it into something uniquely their own. I follow many artists who inspire me with their creativity. I also own a large collection of prints by artists who’s unique style I absolutely adore.

One of these prints is from and artist by the name of Becky Kemp whom I have recently interviewed for our blog. I purchased her Frida Kahlo print a few months ago and it has found a home on the ‘inspiration’ wall in my office.

This got me to thinking about how different artists percieve Frida Kahlo in their own styles. So I went on a Pinterest rampage! – And found lots of Frida Kahlo artwork, each with it’s own unique twist. I just love how each illustrates the same Frida Kahlo with the jet black hair adorned with flowers and those distinctive eyebrows, yet each is so different in style, color and media used.

I thought it would be nice to share my little collection of Frida Kahlo images with you.

And of course we couldn’t help ourselves but do our own version of the amazing Frida Kahlo. You can find our Frida Kahlo clipart for purchase here.

So, what’s your favourite?


Our version of Frida Kahlo :)



Becky Kemp from

interview with Creative Clip Art Collection blog

W.C Nooney



Felipe Bedoya


Elena Caralan


Emma Gale


Claudia Carieri


Paul Frank


Adriana Whitney


Fabian Ciraolo


Claire Owen


Beatriz Torres


Want to see more?

Find more Frida Kahlo illustrations on our Pinterest Board dedicated to Frida.

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