I’m in love with geometric patterns! Geometrics are making a big comeback in the world of fashion, home decor and graphic design. Simple shapes like chevron, triangles, squares and diamonds teamed with bright, contrasting colour palettes make for modern, edgy geometric design.

There a lots of geometric digital papers available in my store. I had so much fun creating these paper sets. I used simple shapes and teamed them with beautiful colour schemes.

BLOG Geometrics

BLOG Geometrics

BLOG Geometrics

In addition to my geometric paper sets, I have had such a wonderful response to my geometric inspired clip art sets, the most popular sets being Bird Talk, Geometric Apples and Babushka Dolls.

BLOG Geometrics

BLOG Geometrics BLOG Geometrics


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  1. Love your new blog! I think geometrics look cool!

  2. Love Bird Talk :) these geometrics would be great on fabric too.

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