DIY Hanging Planter


We are off on a different direction today with some hanging planters! The possibilities with these little pots are endless and best of all, they are super easy to make. You can make many variations to suit your style or home. As you can see, its easy to get a little addicted as I started making free standing pots too.

I think these hanging planters turned out beautifully. How cute would they be hanging down from your kitchen window or as a cute thank you gift.

Have fun with these hanging planters and be adventurous!


Air hardening modelling clay (I have used mont marte)
Clay modelling tools
Thick twine
Bond crete or anything that will waterproof the pot
Paint brush
Succulent potting mix
Succulent clippings


Step 1
Cut of a chunk of clay about the size you want your pot to be. Keep in mind your twine has to be about to support the weight of the pot.

Step 2
Knead the clay to get it soft and sticky.

Step 3
Form the clay into a ball. Slowly push your thumb into the centre whilst working the sides into the form of your desired shape.

Step 4
Once you have your pot, using a pointed modelling clay tool* gently poke through a hole in the bottom of the pot for drainage.

Step 5
Now poke out your holes for the twine to go through. Try to match them up quite evenly as your pot will hang better.

Step 6
Set aside and allow to dry for at least 24 hours.

Step 7
Once its dry, using a small paint brush, paint the inside with your waterproofing sealer. Allow to dry and do a second coat.

Step 8
Once dry, you are free to paint the outside. Set aside to dry.

Step 9
Next, cut two pieces of you twine around 80cm (or however long you want it to be)

Step 10
Slide your twine through a hole and knot three times. Do the same with the other end of your twine, into the opposite hole. Repeat with the two remaining holes.

Step 11
Fill your pot with a potting mix and your favourite succulent clipping.

*If you don’t have clay modelling tools, you can just use a pen.










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