Origami Rabbit – Easter Craft Ideas

Easter Origami Rabbit

Although we are just getting over the Christmas / New year break and have finally got the kids back in school, Easter is now fast approaching! As scary as that sounds, we thought we would get in early with some easter crafts.

Here is something I did last easter and everyone LOVED them. Either use them as decorations for your sunday lunch or just as some really cute easter gifts. Even carefully sneak some small easter eggs inside the puffy bunny as a surprise (although some people wont want to destroy your hard work to get them out!). The Easter Bunny Basket is perfect for gift giving. As we all know easter eggs are expensive! so along with these little bunnies your only need to add a couple, if any.

Normally origami is usually done with thin origami paper. I personally prefer to use a firmer paper as it makes it stronger and can hold goodies easier. The Easter Bunny Basket face didn’t turn out quite like the one in the link, but i think they are just as cute!

The best thing about these is you only need your preferred double sided card stock paper. I have used a range of sizes 12″ x 12″, 8″ x 8″ & 4″ x 4″.

Watch this youtube vid for instructions on how to fold an Origami Rabbit

Watch this youtube vid for instructions on how to fold an Origami Bunny Basket





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