Paper lanterns

So if your anything like me and love entertaining, you will love this idea of making paper lanterns. I am always looking for new ways of decorating my dinner table to mix things up a bit and i love putting in the extra effort to make my guest’s feel special.

Here is a simple yet effective idea to brighten up your next dinner party or maybe a special birthday dinner for two. I started off just making the paper lanterns but then thought why not go all out and make a theme! Add a little band around your napkin or use up the rest of your paper and make guest name tags. This ties everything together beautifully and look great, yet is inexpensive and easy!


As we are making these out of paper it is ideal to use flameless  battery candles. Although if you can not find these maybe pop your candle in a small glass to protect it from burning the paper.


Card stock paper-
I have used the ‘Chloe digital paper set’ from Creative Clipart Collection found here

Craft glue
Metal ruler
Cutting mat
Stanley knife
Flameless candle (battery candle)


Step 1
Cut your card stock into a 8″ by 4″ rectangle.

Step 2
Using your stanley knife on your cutting mat, cut different patterns. Mix it up a bit and cut out whole shapes or just cut various lines, which when turned into a lantern will open up and let the light shine through.

Step 3
Using craft glue, squeeze a small amount where you want to add a glittery touch. Sprinkle will glue and allow to dry.

Step 4
Once dry squeeze a line of glue along one end and bring them both together. Allow to dry.

Name tags
For the name tags, I just used what I had left over and cut out some shapes so the pattern shows through.

Napkin Rings
Cut out a strip of paper and attach each end at the back with some craft glue. I like the look of using a stanley knife to cut out a row of shapes.







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