Paper Flowers

home page headersGone are the days where you buy a roll of wrapping paper that wrap’s a year’s worth of presents all in the same style. Now days the present itself starts on the outside with the wrapping. The same goes with handmade cards. I cannot remember the last time I went out and brought a card from a store!

Lamai and I have both had a couple of special occasions lately with presents needing some special attention. These paper flowers are so easy to make and give your present that extra special touch. That doesn’t mean you have to stop at wrapping though. Use them to make a card or to decorate a note or letter.

Enjoy! These are really fun to make. Just be mindful, you’ll have everyone wanting you to wrap their presents for them!


1.5 inch circle craft punch
Craft glue
A variety of card stock and tissue paper

Kraft Paper
Sticky Tape

Extra card stock paper


Step 1:
Using the round paper punch, punch all your circles out. You will need at least 9 petals (circles) for each flower.

Step 2:
Fold up a small edge to form one side of your point.

Step 3:
Fold the opposite side to complete that point.

Step 4:
Flip over the petal and bring one side to the centre.

Step 5:
Continue with the opposite side, making sure they match in the middle. Repeat this until you have at least 9 or less depending on how full you want it.

Step 6:
Arrange the petals on the surface you are wishing to decorate. Glue down using craft glue.

Step 7:
Using one of the circle cut outs, pinch the centre from underneath and then shape with your other hand.

Step 8:
In the centre of the flower, use a small amount of craft glue and glue in the small bunch your made in the previous step.

Step 9:
Decorate as you please. You can add a pretty gem in the centre for an extra touch or draw a stem with a sharpie. We have even added some bakers twine and washi tape on some of the wrapping.

Fold a circle cut out in half, pinching at one end but do not fold all the way through. In the pinched end, add a small amount of craft glue to bind and hold until it sets. When set, glue onto stem where desired.








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