Interview with Becky Kemp from is one of those stores that I could quite happily buy everything I see. Not only is Becky a talented artist with the most gorgeous prints available for purchase but she also stocks a range of Geometric Brooches, Nesting Dolls and the cutest Plates I have ever seen! The one thing that I love about Becky is that she has her own unique style which makes her store stand out from the somewhat crowded Etsy marketplace.

interview with Creative Clip Art Collection blog

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I’m Becky Kemp and is the home where all my Sketchbook creations can reside. HQ is my home studio in Colchester in the East of England.

You sell a variety of items on your Etsy store from prints, nesting dolls, brooches and more. How and where do you find the inspiration for your products? 

My inspiration comes from everyday life! Places, events or memories. I wouldn’t say that any one thing inspires me. My sketchbooks act as a visual diary where I can doodle and mess around with colour combinations, pattern designs and character sketches. The nesting dolls for example, where inspired by the memory of defacing my Grandmother’s Russian Dolls as a child with a marker pen.

You have a very unique and distinct style. How would you describe your style? Are there any crafters, artists or designers that you look up to?

I enjoy the act of play and discovery, I guess that’s why I’m attached to my sketchbooks. My work is an exploration of geometric abstraction, Japanese illustration and Nordic aesthetics. I particularly enjoy the characters of Kay Bojesen and Alexander Girard.

What is your favourite medium to work in?

I am a Sketcher and Painter at heart but I would never define myself as either. I love to learn and test new techniques, you never know what surprises and ideas you may stumble upon. There are so many fantastic mediums out there to express yourself, I find it very hard to stick with just one or two.

When do you feel most creative?

My Ideas seem to flow better when I’m sleepy. I worked night shifts in my last job for nearly 10 years so working late is a habit I don’t think I will ever break.

Where can you see yourself and your business in 10 years time?

I’ve recently worked freelance on licensing my designs which was a lot of fun and something I hope to do more of.

I will always be a strong supporter of the small handmade entrepreneur but I guess to move the business forward manufacturing is the next big step for me. As a small business owner it’s difficult to know when to take the plunge and it’s something I have struggled with in an effort to keep’s carbon footprint as small as possible. Hopefully I can keep future manufacturing exclusively within the UK and support our economy but it’s not easy.

And words of wisdom to anyone starting a business on Etsy?

Funny you should ask! I started posting monthly Etsy Tips on the blog back in August.

Etsy can seem like a minefield when you’re starting out and I wanted to pass on what I’ve learnt so far to save others the time and mistakes I’d made along the way.

I guess the best piece of advice I could give is to standout in a crowd. With nearly 1 million sellers on Etsy getting noticed is no easy task but creating your own shop style is probably the most effective way to be recognised.

What’s your favourite product in your store and why?

My favourites change pretty often but I do love the Frida Kahlo Print. She started out as a commission piece but after a few alterations from the original I listed her on Etsy.

I think I enjoyed researching her work and life as much as I did painting the portrait. The surrounding wreath is filled with symbolic elements from her life and work. I have a few more iconic ladies sketched and waiting to evolve in paint which I hope to finish in the new year.

Find out more about Becky and on EtsyFacebookInstagram or her own blog.


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