A White Christmas – Wonderful Etsy Finds for that Perfect Christmas Gift

White Christmas Gifts

White is the colour of purity and innocence, snow and milk, perfection and a clean slate. My house is a colourful place full of lively palettes and strong shades. I do love colour BUT there is nothing like a pure white porcelain deer sitting on your bedside table, a white bud vase holding a red rose or a white plate with a striking black fox illustration hanging on the kitchen wall.

Here is a list of beautiful white Etsy finds. Some of these items I have had in my favourites list for a while and a few of them I have even purchased and are now a favourite piece in my house.

If you see an item you would like to purchase or find out more about the crafter, please click on the image to be taken to the sellers store. Enjoy

Porcelain Egg Planters by RevisionsDesign

creative clip art collection blog

Ceramic Mason Jars by RevisionsDesign

etsy finds christmas gifts


Fox Vintage Melamine Plate by TheMadPlatters

etsy finds christmas gifts

Medium size porcelain bud vase by tokyocraftstudios

etsy finds christmas gifts

contemporary porcelain bud vase by wapa

etsy finds christmas gifts

Geometric Air Plant by seaandasters

etsy finds christmas gifts

White Handmade Ceramic Cup by VitreousWares

etsy finds christmas gifts

Swallows Geometric Hand Illustrated Plates by PerDozenDesign

etsy finds christmas gifts

Little Alpine Village House Sculptures by AlpenArtStudio

etsy finds christmas gifts

Porcelain Twig Spoon by MichikoShimada

etsy finds Christmas gifts

3 Tier Oval Porcelain Planter by lightandladder

etsy finds christmas gifts


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  1. Fabulous collection! Thank you for including me! ~ Jean

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