Wooden bead keychain

So I have a little obsession with wooden beads! They are cute and small. I have been trying to think of a cool way of using these and here it is…

They are an awesome addition to your pile of keys, handbag or even to add to your child’s school bag so they are able to easily spot which one is theirs. As they are lots of fun to make, why not get your children  to make their wooden bead keychain too!



Leather cord
A selection of wooden beads
Silver clasp
Paint brush

Step 1
Paint your beads. Use a variety of designs and allow to dry. I have painted the beads on a skewer, as it was easier and didn’t smudge.

Step 2
Cut a piece of the leather cord into approximately 10 inches.

Step 3
At one end attach your tassel and secure tightly.

Step 4
Add on the beads and tie off the end.

Step 5
Attach your silver clasp and secure tightly.

Step 6
Cut off any extra cord.






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